Breaking Point

“I’m a lot like my dad”
Like hell you are

You told me months ago over the phone that you were changed, that you weren’t going to continue doing the stupid things you do. You missed your family. You just wanted to be home with us.

Like a naive fool, I believed you.

Fast forward to now. You’re sitting right across from me, spouting your typical bullshit. You’ve been home for just a month, and have already shown that you have not changed a bit. I’m sick of you and your superiority complex. You act like I should even care if you leave us at this point. Hell, I wish you would leave, we’d all be better off.

Stop fucking taunting and making fun of one of your kids. You’re just making him more fucked up.

Stop treating the other one like he can do no wrong.

You blame everyone in your life for your problems, including those who aren’t even alive anymore. How fucking dare you blame that man for your shitty life decisions. You’re simply jealous that he did a better job of being a father than you. That man tried so many times to correct your wrongs, and you fucking ignored him. How was he supposed to help you, if you refused to let him do so?

I don’t know how much longer I can listen to your fucking rants before I finally snap, this shit enrages me to no god damn end.

I’m at my breaking point with you.


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